Sr. No. Name of the Contributor(s) Title of the Submission
1. Paridhi Poddar Investigation into the Affairs of a Company: An Analysis of the Powers of SFIO
2. Paridhi Poddar A Review of the Rights of the Indemnifier under the Indian Contract Act, 1872
3. Paridhi Poddar Consumer Disputes in E-Commerce: Bringing Clarity to the Lens of Law
4. Rishabh Bhojwani & Swatilekha Chakraborty Future Options on Currency
5. Andre Jaggi Agency is about Authority and Not Contract: An Analysis
6. Anshika Shukla & Priyavrat Parashar Legal Instruments Enviorning and Encompassing International Sales Transaction
7. Sudipta Bhowmick One Should Buy F.O.B and Sell C.I.F. – Justifying the Veraciousness of this Axiom in the Context of International Trade Law
8. Zabeen Motorwala Supranational Organizations And International Taxation - Role Of The United Nations, International Monetary Fund And BRICS
9. Ramya Katti Third Party Funding in International Arbitration
10. Shreyasi Bhattacharya & Mohit Diwakar An Economic Parallel Between South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation And The European Union
11. Sarthak Mishra Confidentiality- A Feature of International Commercial Arbitration- A Reality or Myth?
12. Ayushi Singhal Surety is a Partner of the Principal Debtor
13. Prathamesh Joshi Today’s Recipe: Masala Bonds
14. Mayank Yadav Concept of Predatory Pricing
15. Pritam Dey & Sanchari Debnath Indian Bankruptcy Code: A Classic Example of Foot in the Mouth Syndrome
16. Pavithra Ravi International Investment Agreements and Climate Change Policy in Special Reference with the Paris Agreement, 2015
17. Gautam Mohanty The Debate of Seat v/s Venue in International Commercial Arbitration Proceedings: Addressing the Bone of Contention